Introducing Lash Revolution - Our DIY Lash System

Our Do-It-Yourself Lash range, created for everyday, effortless under-lash applications.

Designed for busy Lash Techs who want their lashes to look as gorgeous as their clients’ – but in a fraction of the time!

Super easy to apply and long-lasting – create a volume look in under 10 minutes which can last up to 2 weeks*!

Lash Revolution will change your lash game! This is the ideal solution for clients who suffer from glue allergies, eyelash/hair loss or who are pregnant.

Achieve a soft, natural, daring or sensual look with our various styles – mapped out for your convenience!

What You Will Need

*Lash Revolution DIY Mixed Segment tray

*Strip adhesive

*Cosmetic Mirror


*Lash wand/Tweezer

*Mascara wand

*Lash remover 

How To Apply?

1.Wash eyes and lashes thoroughly using an oil-free lash cleanser.

2. Get your Lash Revolution Kit, a cosmetic mirror and a toothpick and sit in a well-lit area.

3. Using a pair of tweezers, carefully remove each segment from the sticky strip on the palette.

Note: If using a segment from a refill pack, first snip the segment off the ribbon using nail scissors.

4. Shake the Lash Revolution Strip lash Adhesive/glue and squeeze a drop onto a non-porous container ( the back of your lash tray or some foil will work too).

5. Dip the toothpick in the glue and scoop some up onto the toothpick.

6.Apply to the lower part of the band of the segment and repeat 2 to 3 times to build a thick enough layer.

7. Apply to 3 segments at a time, and wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.

8. Looking into a magnified mirror and starting from the outside in, apply the segments underneath the natural lashes.

9. Using a non-dominant hand, lift the eyelid & fuse with wand. 

10. Gently push the segment up against natural lashes and comb using a disposable mascara wand.

For a fuller look, the segments can be doubled up in certain areas of the eye.